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Bonnie Gaunt
August 11, 1929 - January 23, 2012

Bonnie Gaunt lived from August 11, 1929 - January 23, 2012. Her final public writings can be found on this website under Bonnie's Studies, and a list of all her books can also be found at Other books. She was a dear friend who will be missed by all who loved her. Below is her autobiography:

Looking forward to the dawn of Earth's Great Millennium has been the joy of a lifetime for Bonnie Gaunt. As a young teenager she began putting together a time-line of the events of the Bible, for her own use, just to help become oriented into an understanding of events that are recorded, and their relation to each other. It developed into the work of a lifetime. Over forty five years ago she was introduced to the concept of Gematria. It was a new word to her, and one that frightened her. She thought it was something of the Devil. Her first study into the subject was to prove that it was a concept of the Devil. At that early date she could find nothing in libraries or reference books about Gematria. It was simply a lost art, or so it appeared. It was not even in her Unabridged Webster's Dictionary.

However having obtained the number substitution of the Greek alphabet she set out to search through a Greek text of the New Testament, and supply the number values for all the names and titles of Jesus -- for starters. It was a life-changing experience. It became obvious that the science of Gematria (number substitution) was definitely NOT a product of the Devil, but a magnificent message sent to us by God, hidden in his Word. Evidence that it was from God came with the realization that in the New Testament, the name Lord Jesus Christ has a number value of 3168. It became apparent that He, the creator of this earth, formed the size of the earth to be His "signature," for if we draw a square around the circumference of our earth, the perimeter of the square will be 31,680 miles. The number engulfs the earth.

During the forty five years that ensued, she has written fourteen books on the subject, showing how the Gematria of the Bible gives us an insight into God's entire plan of salvation for man. The concept of Gematria has now become a popular subject, and as a consequence, Bonnie has appeared on numerous radio and television interviews and documentaries. She has also appeared as a guest of Pat Robertson on his 700 Club; and has taught many seminars throughout the United States, Canada, and the island of Antigua.

She has now written her fifteenth book, The Dawn of Earth's Great Millennium. This book was written in loving appreciation to God for all He has done for her down through these many years -- it is her gift to Him. Therefore it is offered free of charge to all who desire to read it. This informative book tells us about the very time in which we now are living, and shows the evidences of the nearness of that glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The evidences are awesome!