Sons to Glory book Conclusion A Time Capsule
Sons to Glory book by Paul Jablonowski


A Time Capsule


This book has shown a "big picture" apostolic vision to help us understand the times in which we live. I don't expect this father & son vision of Church order to happen overnight or even in the next few years. It will take time, but we must start heading towards this new type of Church order. Jesus was only able to really father (disciple) 12 men during a three and a half year period, and we must do likewise. The institutional church was never God's original intention and it will not be able to hold the coming harvest of souls into the Kingdom in our generation. We MUST start raising spiritual sons to maturity through the power of the Cross. We must start laying down our lives for each other instead of using and abusing each other for the sake of building our own kingdoms. Only a genuine ongoing Pentecost will keep us in this place of humility.

I have heard that other nations like China and Africa are already experiencing a measure of a Pentecost outpouring. It has certainly yet to hit America, but after the Lord cleanses my nation, we will be ready for a Pentecost that will endure and not die out. This modern day Pentecost will reveal mankind's hearts and motives of both the good and the evil. It will bring the kingdoms of this world to their knees either in adoration of our King or in anguish because of the judgments that are coming upon the world systems. These judgments will serve to bring a cleansing to the Bride of Christ as well as to the kingdoms of this world. All of God's judgments are good and righteous and for the purpose of helping mankind in the long run. Now at the end of the age, everything that has been planted is about to be harvested including both the good and the evil. One thing is for sure, God will protect His Bride Body people like any good husband protects his wife.

Every purpose of God has a proper season, and the revelation contained in this book is like a "time capsule" being planted in due season. This book has been written over the past seven years from October 1998 through October 2005. These seven years have been the first seven-year time period since the Jubilee birth of the modern day nation of Israel from 1948 to 1998 (50 years) according to Leviticus chapter 25. These past seven years have been a crucial transition period for those in the Bride Body of Christ. The chapters in this book have been continually updated and refined during the last seven years. But NOW is the time to start LIVING out the revelation that many of us have been given during this birthing period of the Lord's return.

"Understanding the times and seasons" is the place where this book will contribute towards the upcoming modern day Pentecost. "The children of Issachar were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do" (1 Chron. 12:32). Therefore, I am lifting up my voice like a trumpet and declaring what the Lord has shown me. In the Lord's timing, the revelation contained in this "time capsule" will come up out of the ground like an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in a silo and be delivered around the world to help reap the coming harvest of souls. Other large-scale vision "missiles" of truth will also be launched in the Lord's timing from other apostles in the Bride of Christ.

It is often hard to share a big scale vision with people, because most can't receive it until they first see it in action. This is understandable and I don't blame them, but the vision written in this book is as real to me as if it has already happened. And it will happen because it is from the Lord and not from my own hot ideas. It will come to pass because the Lord is faithful to fulfill His Word with or without me personally. We can either be a part of what He is doing or fight against it, but it will be fulfilled either way.

God is love and it is great to have times of basking in the presence of the Lord's love. But who is willing to share in His sufferings? Remember, the Scripture verse on the first page of this book from Hebrews 2:10 says that "sufferings" are what bring about mature sons. Who is willing to intercede and fight and war against those things that break the Father's heart? Those things that kill, steal and destroy His people? One thing is for sure; we will only be able to embrace our Cross to the degree that we know and embrace His love. We will have all of eternity to take in and learn about the Lord's love. Yet now at the end of the age, the Lord is looking for a few good warriors who will stand in the gap and share in His sufferings so that many mature sons can come to glory and defeat the enemy of our souls.

"For in bringing many sons to glory, it was only fitting that God, the Creator and Preserver of everything, should bring the Author of their salvation to this goal through sufferings." (Hebrews 2:10)

Jesus is the Author of our salvation, and God's goal of bringing many sons to glory will be accomplished through Christ's sufferings. Will we share in those sufferings like Peter and Paul?
(1 Pet. 4:12-14, 2 Cor. 1:4-7)

Sharing in the Lord's sufferings is not a sadistic wish for pain and heartache, but it is a willingness to go the distance regardless of the cost it will require from us. Maturity as a Son who glorifies God is an individual walk. There are no roadways or paths to follow to spiritual maturity. You must blaze your own trail while walking hand in hand with our Father God. Yes, you can glean certain principles from other peoples' experiences along your walk, but what is a "cross" to one person, may be "easy street" to another person. Obedience to the Lord is what counts whether it is easy or challenging. On the surface nobody may ever know whether you are being obedient or disobedient, because ultimately it is between you and the Lord. Do not put your trust in man, but rather be a seeker of the Creator and Preserver of everything.

To know and walk with Jesus has been the greatest adventure I have ever experienced! Even daily routine tasks are exciting when the king of the universe is by your side. So, in conclusion I would like to quote one of my favorite Bible verses and pray this simple prayer: Lord let it rain. Let it rain! -- "So let us press on to know Yahowah. His coming forth is as certain as the dawn, and He will come to us like the rain. Like the spring and fall rains watering the earth." (Hosea 6:3)

Paul Jablonowski
Harvest, AL