Sons to Glory book Endnotes
Sons to Glory book by Paul Jablonowski




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40. The Mount of Olives is the place where Zechariah 14:4 says that the Messiah (Jesus) will return. Two different reports of the earthquake that occurred on this Mount of Olives fault line on October 3rd 2005 can be read at:

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42. Two other signs of the Bride Body coming forth included large National Christian events which happened to coincide with this 2005 Feast of Trumpets:

1) On October 2nd 2005 tens of thousands of Christians from around the world participated in the first annual "Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" which is to be held every year the first Sunday in October:

2) On October 3rd 2005 a National Pro Life Memorial Day was founded by the American Life League to be celebrated annually starting in this year 2005


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