Sons to Glory book Foreword by Debbie Kublin
Sons to Glory book by Paul Jablonowski



Thanks Paul - I read your book and enjoyed it so much. The thoughtful teachings were wonderful, and this book is a living testament to your boys. It will always be a memorial for them. You're not as old as I am (this is where you thank God!!), but those things become very precious when we can touch our future generations in such a beautiful way.

Not only is this a personal memorial between you and your sons, but it is a wonderful reminder of how we each are "planted" in the earth by the LORD - at a specific time, and place, and with specific purposes. We didn't just come, but we were "sent."

Sonship is indeed our relationship with the LORD. Sometimes we forget that, and it must sadden the LORD's heart. We don't find it difficult to consider ourselves "servants" of the LORD, but we struggle with being "sons." Thanks again.

Deborah Kublin
New York