Paul Jablonowski Testimony of Jesus
Sons to Glory book by Paul Jablonowski
Part 1 - Thinking Like Mature Sons - Doctrine


Part 1

Thinking Like Mature Sons



Chapter 1

My Story

I wrote this short pamphlet in 1991 shortly after the Lord changed my life when I was attending Auburn University. I used these brochures to hand out to people that I would meet because I was so excited about what God had done for me. Here is what was written in the pamphlet:

I was in Daytona Beach for spring break vacation with nine of my friends. I was there to have a good time, get drunk, get high, and do whatever I pleased. I was free for a week.

Religious people were preaching on the beach just like they do every year. I hated people pushing their views on me and telling me how to live my life. One time, my friends and I gathered around one of the preaching guys and cursed at him as we sprinkled beer on him and made fun of him.

At college I met some religious people who talked with me a lot about their faith. They never pushed their view on me, but were always sincere to be my friend even though they knew the reckless lifestyle I led. They never condemned me or looked down on me, and their unconditional love for me and for one another drew my curiosity. Although it was a long process to put my trust in them as friends, the more I got to know them the more I realized that they had something really special that gave them joy and peace and meaning to their lives.

Today I am a new person. I have asked Jesus Christ for His spirit to live in me and to control and guide my life. I have found joy and peace and purpose in my heart regardless of what life's circumstances are. It may sound contradictory but I have found TRUE freedom in being a servant to my Lord. I have found true the words of Jesus: "Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it." Matthew 16:25

For more information on how to obtain peace of the heart, soul and mind contact Jesus Christ by prayer. He's listening 24 hours a day!

(End of pamphlet)

Today in the year 2007, I live in Harvest Alabama (near Huntsville) with my wife Linda and our three sons Joshua, Stephen and Seth. I am an intercessor with a calling as a marketplace apostle working in government and industry in the fields of science, engineering and multimedia. Part of my vision is to see these particular fields of service bringing honor and glory to the name of Jesus Christ. Scriptural examples like Daniel, Esther and Joseph are excellent witnesses of those who knew their destiny to intercede and work among government and industry as "full time" ministers to help fulfill God's purposes in their generation. The Kingdom of God is much bigger than the church and we must be Kingdom minded.

Next to simply being with King Jesus, my greatest passion in the Kingdom is for "Sonship." Sonship in the Kingdom of God is about spiritual maturity. When we, the Bride Body of Christ, begin to fully walk in our Blood bought inheritance of Sonship, the enemy of mankind will be bound for 1,000 years. This is the very reason why Satan has worked overtime for the past 2,000 years trying to blind God's children to this truth of Sonship. Because when mature sons of God finally do rise up in faith, Satan completely loses his rule over mankind including his corruption over creation (Romans 8:19-23).

However, before we can begin discussing Sonship in greater detail, a foundation for correct thinking must first be in place. One such foundation is learning how God created mankind to worship Him both in Spirit and in Truth. The next chapter will discuss this subject.